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Donations for people in needs


Health & Social Recovery Organization’s mission is to assist people who are suffering with social and health problems, injuries and disabilities and therefore can not pay for their recovery, home and living essentials and needs. Along with our partner KMA Health & Massage LLC we are making the world a better place by helping those people recover.

Firstly, we are targeting stroke survivors. We are funding recovery the process which may include massager therapy and physical therapy that not covered by insurances.

In second, we are providing assistance to funding the recovery process and to people suffering from injures, disabilities.

Lastly, we are targeting to help people with social needs.

Our help to funding depends on donations amount, therefore we are limited to amount of the people we can help .

Health & Social Recovery, LLC. is a 501(c) (3) organization, State of Oregon Registration No. 1655623-99.

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